Studio Aviaaja Ezekiassen



Year: 2019
Not in production.

The Moon TraveLler Lamp

The Moon Traveller lamp is part of the Seven Subjects collection - the second out of seven pieces. It was launched during 3 Days of Design at an exhibition called Dawn Exhibition that took place at Nomad Workspace.

The table lamp takes inspiration in the story of the Greenlandic shaman and his spiritual travels to the ‘Man of the Moon’. The shaman went on spiritual travels in order to restore the balance in nature. With help from the beat of the Greenlandic drum, the shaman, who was all tied up and placed on the floor, went into a trance. The lamp is an interpretation of this séance. Through the beat of the drum, which is represented as the shade, the shaman is calling the spirits and the Man of the Moon which is the light glowing through the shade.

The lamp comes in a bright and a dark version.
Protoype. Price on request.

Dark: Granite, powder coated stainless steel, grey tinted glass shade
Bright: Marble, Stainless steel (brushed or mat), frosted glass shade or acrylic opal shade.