- april 15, 2019

Yesterday I had the pleasure to do a talk in Folketinget. My task was to give my opinion on how we can create new stories about Greenland. And to answer this question I had to take a few steps back and further ask following questions:
What are the new stories? And if we are talking about new stories then what are the old stories?
Why do we need new stories about Greenland? What is the power of a story?

Perhaps we already knew the answers, perhaps we didn’t. But I tried to find answers with new perspectives.
Through my own personal stories I told how much power even a single story can have. How it can impact on decisions that we make and how it can turn the way we see a person or a people. Greenlandics doesn’t have the best image in Denmark, and it has it influences, which is why we need new stories about Greenland. So how can we make these new stories? And who has the responsibility of making these new stories?
Stories can be made in many ways, and there isn’t one way to do it or the right way to do it. And the responsibility is ours.
I told my story through a series of photos. Photos of a book where I had drawn situations and stories that I had experienced. That’s just one way to do it.