Interior decoration of a small student apartment

Interior decoration of a small students apartment in Copenhagen

A couple came to me and wanted help to decorate their small home located in Copenhagen. The couple are still studying and happily expecting a child in the spring. They didn't really knew if they had enough space for the new family member and needed help to create a home that was functional, cozy and with enough space for the small family. The apartment contains a kitchen, bedroom and a living combined with a dining room. I've mainly focused on the living room and the bedroom.

I noticed at my visit that they liked a retro style with teak and old findings from the vintage market. They had a lot of heirlooms that kind of drowned in all the other things they had. The first thing to do was to find a storing system that removed and hided all the mess. The storage system is from Ikea and is around 5 metre long. This was an opportunity to stage the things they cared about and hide everything else away. The wall behind is painted dark green to create depth and contrasting the storage system along with the items and finds above.

The sofa and wall lamp was found on dba.dk and cost less than a 1000 DKK. The shelving system is from String and the carpet from Søstrene Grene. Posters are from Han Kjøbenhavn and Kate Moss from desenio.dk. Table and lounge chair were things the couple already had.

Photos, styling and decoration by Aviaaja Ezekiassen.