MOESGAARD MUSEUM: Head designer of the Stone Age exhibition

Space planning, set design and visualization by Aviaaja Ezekiassen.
Depict of the Ertebølle culture, Palaeolithic Stone Age. 

Space planning concept and visualization by Aviaaja Ezekiassen.
Depict of the Neolithic Stone Age. 

Space planning and concepts


Head designer for the Stone Age exhibition at Moesgaard Museum

The Stone Age exhibition opened in October 2016 and is part of the permanent exhibitions at Moesgaard Museum.

For this project I have been the head designer for space planning and staging design of the items and have developed ideas and concepts for both set design and new ways of telling stories from the Stone Age. Through the project I have been the daily design responsible for the exhibition.

About the exhibition

The exhibition presents stories primarily from the danish Stone Age and is a sensuous journey through the Neolithic and the Palaeolithic period. The Stone Age extend for a period of more than 10,000 years where the land goes through dramatic environmental changes and determines how people live and survive in the harsh and untamed nature, which is why the different landscapes are represented in the exhibition.

The exhibition displays nearly 400 items, and along with architectural and set design, sounds, lighting, and new ways of using visual effects it attempts to depict the life of the people living in the Stone Age, in a new way, where both children and adults can participate.


Working field

   - Space planning and concepts
   - Ideas for set design
   - Staging design of the items


Ideas and concepts for the exhibition are based on the the archaeological professional presentations and in coorporation with the other team members such as interaction designers, set designers and exhibition technicians.

Below you see pre-visualizations that I made, and photos of the outcome.
Photos of the final result are taken by Aviaaja Ezekiassen and Foto/Medieafdelingen - Moesgaard Museum.



Staging design of the items

Staging design of the items