Interior decoration of twelve squaremeters

Interior decoration of a former dining room becoming a small bedroom

How do you organize your bedroom in a former dining room? And how do you go from living in a four-room apartment to live in a 12 square meter room? This is actually my own bedroom and is a showcase on how you can decorate and organize your small room if you have a lot of stuff. Description further below.

In autumn I went from living in a 100 square meter apartment in Aarhus and now living in a dining room on Vesterbrogade. It was a break up that caused my life was turned upside down, and I decided to move to Copenhagen. Luckily I found a room on Vesterbrogade in a three-room apartment with a really sweet girl. This room was going to be my sacred place where I could recover and find strength.

I invested in huge 5 meter long dresser from Ikea that could store all my clothes, laundry, linnings and other stuff. A huge dresser was for me a better choice instead of a closet to store my clothes and another storage system to store all my other things. When you only have 12 square meter you should always keep it simple, and don't have too many different things. The dresser also gave me the opportunity to stage my personal and favorite items, photos and posters on top of it. I kept furniture and curtains in light soft colors to open up and make the room seem bigger. And most important is plants! To soften it all up.
I hope you find inspiration in the photos.

Photos, styling and decoration by Aviaaja Ezekiassen.