MASTER THESIS: Potentials in a depopulated settlement in Greenland


If the depopulation of the bygds continues, the bygds will be extinct by the year 2066...!
— Possible Greenland” CONDITIONS magazine, 2012


Task /  Research / Concept

The project engages both a global and a national problem in Greenland; a future where depopulated peripheral areas are deserted, causing the fact that existing unused institutional resources will perish. Therefore the purpose of the project has been to give a proposal on which other fate future depopulated settlements in Greenland can have than to perish. It is attempted to find a proposition based on a specific context and an idea of one way to do it.

The site of the project is a decommissioned military base located in southern West Greenland. A base called Grønnedal.
Grønnedal is a developed settlement with high institutional resources. Yet there hasn't been any interest from the greenlandic government nor the municipality to reestablish the place - although it negatively affect the nearby settlements.





a Research Center in Arctic Agriculture combined with a gastronomy school with focus on arctic commodities

The new intended function of Grønnedal is a result of a thoroughly research and detection of the potentials of the site in a national and local perspective. The analysis of the context resulted in a proposal to establish a Research Center focusing on Arctic Agriculture.Due to the global warming and the research of the specific local potentials  there is a growing potential of expanding agriculture in the Arctic. Including the certain climate in Grønnedal which is the foundation of agriculture; the sub and low Arctic. And not to mention the institutional and infrastructural resources that exist. In addition a cooking school is included in the programme which focus on arctic and local commodities. This idea will strike a current tendency in the world of gastronomy: The New Nordic concept. The purpose is to reach a more self-sufficient Greenland which will strengthen both social and financial conditions in the country.

The new function is intended to use the existing buildings, where I've chosen a building which used to be called the Welfare building. The project has proposed how this this Welfare building could be transformed into a Research Center in Arctic Agriculture and Gastronomy taken inspiration in the Greenlandic culture with consideration of the arctic climate and with a respect of the story of Grønnedal.



Section AA: Main entrance of the Research Center in Arctic Agriculture and Gastronomy.
(Transformation of existing building).