Studio Aviaaja Ezekiassen



Year: 2018
Not in production.

paddle chair

Paddle Chair is part of the Seven Subjects collection - the first out of seven pieces.

Paddle chair tells the story of why the Inuits created fables and myths. The harsh arctic enviroment made the Inuits believe in mother nature and fables and myths arose as a guideline for keeping a balance in nature, believing they had a better chance to survive whenever they were out hunting in their kayak.

Along with the kayak one of the most important tools for the Inuit was his paddle. The paddles were made of driftwood and were valuable to the Inuits as there wasn’t any trees growing in Greenland. The Inuits reinforced the paddles with animal bone along the side and tip of the paddle. This detail and it’s form language was the inspiration for Paddle Chair.

Protoype. Looking for a manufacturer.
Developed at Danish Art Workshop.

Materials: Smoked oak and oak.