Awarded Design Talent of the Year at Design Awards


Last night Aviaaja was awarded this year’s Design Talent at Design Awards.
The committee noticed Paddle Chair at @dawnexhibition and heard about the story behind the chair and Seven Subjects & it’s purpose - which they acknowledged.

”I started @seven_subjects this year with the ambition to reinterpret Greenlandic crafts and design and to start a dialogue of whether Greenlandic design should be rethought accordingly to the changes in the society of Greenland. If it should change, then how and what should it become? Also I wanted to investigate the impact that ‘Rigsfælleskabet’ has had and still have, and how the Danish and Greenlandic design language can merge in a design.”

Thanks to @bobedredk@boligmagasinetdk and @costumedk
#designawards #designawards2019#åretstalentpris

Aviaaja Ezekiassen