FREELANCE: Interior decoration of Center for Sundhedsuddannelser

Summer 2012, Nuuk.
The task was to redecorate several functional areas at the health institutional school, Peqqissaanermik Ilinniarfik, located in Nuuk. Including the staff room, an office/workshop/meeting room, the canteen and the classrooms.

The building which houses the institution consist of an old building from the 50's with three floors and an extension with two floors designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen. Wood, concrete, white walls and a bright red color represent the extension of the school. Although this haven't been considered when it was furnished and decorated. A mix of furniture in different colors and materials, small bookcases oddly placed and a lack of storing places filled the institution. Student's work was taped with sticky tape on most of the walls along with messages from the personnel. The client's wish was to create a brighter and more orderly school for both staff and students.

Removing messages and notes of the walls was the first step. Instead bulletin boards were mounted on the walls several places; giving the personnel the opportunity to bring messages to the students. There were different bulletin boards in order to divide the students work studies and the messages from the personnel. A 5 m long bulletin board was mounted on the back wall in each classroom; giving the classroom also more convenient acoustics.

The classrooms needed new tables and office chairs, and since the institution had spend an amount of money on green curtains I decided to work with the green color. White foldable and transportable tables were set along with green chairs. A serie of the same chair was chosen to provide the whole institution.

The canteen needed to be more brighten as it felt like being in a cellar with the elevated window band and dark fabric curtains. White vertical blinds were put up and white tables and red chairs were placed in the canteen. In a small room which is connected with the canteen, a high table and bar stools were placed to create various seating. The place could also be used as a meeting room or study room for students working in groups.