Studio Aviaaja Ezekiassen



Designed with: Ninna K. Nielsen
Year: 2015
Not in production.


The A ROUND stool is an experimental project, working with the temporary furniture.
It is inspired by the three-legged hunting stool, which is reflected in the elements of the stool that are represented -except for the ring. The meaning of temporariness is taken to the more extreme due to the fact that the stool is one footed- forcing the user to sit on it whenever it is unfolded. The stool has been called an intelligent design, and was considered to be part of the Louis Vuitton 'Objets Nomades' furniture collection.

The project was an attempt to make the temporary furniture take as minimal space when it is not in use. In addition we wanted the stool to be separated easily which means it is not assembled by nails or screws.The ring keeps the stool together and the strap keeps the ring in the right position.

Looking for a manufacturer.