Exhibition Architect, Interior- & furniture designer

Hi! Welcome to my website. This is my portfolio of selected projects of mine.
My name is Aviaaja Ezekiassen and I'm an exhibition architect and an interior & furniture designer with experience from having worked with among others Moesgaard Museum and Louis Vuitton.

I graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture in the summer 2015, and have since then working as an exhibition architect at Moesgaard Museum where I've been the head designer of the permanent exhibition, the Stone Age that opened in October 2016.

Specialized in design, from Studio Design and Social Innovation, I seek to combine my bachelor degree in architecture and my master degree in design by merging architecture and design, using skills and methods I have acquired while working with both scales.

My methods varies based on thorough analyzes in search for finding the core of a problem and the best solution based on the purpose of the project, and I tend to try out new and innovative ways or methods in search for the best solution for the project. 

Space planning and creating sensuous spaces through details, materials, colors and tactility is my core competencies. And I always aim to create aesthetic, poetic and story-telling spaces.

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